Little bit of news....

Good morning everyone 😊

So happy to have had some lovely feedback from the last post. Thank you all for reading it.

We’ve got a little bit of news re the store- I’ve got to be in Essex a little more over the next 3-4 weeks so it is unlikely we will be open on Wednesdays for a while and hopefully the Fridays and Saturdays will be covered BUT it may mean the hours will be a little adhoc.

Please keep your eyes out on Instagram and facebook for news of opening hours.

We really appreciate your patience and help during this time as we know it isn’t great for you guys however, it is a family issue and family comes first 😊 So THANK YOU for being patient and supporting us. The website is of course open 24/7 and we will get those orders out ASAP

What have we been up to this week.

I attended the period power conference. It was my first conference 😊 which was super exciting. I had been invited to talk about sustainability and plastic, how it affects women and periods. I’m going to do a whole blog on the event so I wont spoil the news.

I also attended the talk by Will McCallum on ‘how to give up plastic’ it was informative, engaging and well attended which was so lovely to see. I think it deserves a whole post to itself as well 😊

We are now so close to plastic free July so if you’re looking for tips, be sure to follow us on Instagram and facebook. Please do get in touch if you want any help or just need a little encouragement please do get in touch. You can also follow the #plasticfreejuly You can even join the challenge at We would love to see your pics and hear your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to join our facebook group to share ideas with our community.

We get a lot of people asking about the products in our store and how to cook them. So, we are going to be doing some of our favourite recipes over the coming few weeks. We would love to hear your fav foods as well.

Sorry it’s a short one this week. Looking forward to sharing more with you later on 😊

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