plastic shaming and judgement

Good morning everyone 😊

We are in the home straight for #plasticfreejuly now 😊 how has yours been?

A quick ‘what we’ve been up to’ My dad finally had surgery and we’ve been busy caring for him.

Exams, end of school year and trying to make some plastic free changes of our own.

News? Well have you heard the council have pledged to become disposable plastic free by 2023?

Councillor Abi Brown committed the council to this move after Heather Blurton has been championing the cause. We were phoned for comment on the issue and you can read about that here

Personally, we think they can do it well before 2023 and are looking forward to watching how it progresses and are more than happy to help.

A small ironic judgement coming up……I don’t understand offices that have single use plastics in all honesty, you have taps for water and cupboards to keep cups, coffee and water jugs. Draws for spoons and fridge’s for milk. I’m not 100% sure there is a reason any business should have disposable plastics in. Having worked in other venues its one reason- no one tidies up after themselves….. so that’s us being lazy again!

Why is that Ironic? This week’s blog is on….JUDGEMENT!

Earlier this week I posted a photo of a lady called Bonnie, who had shared a little hack she uses for herself and her shopping. In her boot are two boxes which she uses instead of bags. Bonnie came under a lot of fire for this. Similarly, in June I attended the Will McCallam talk and was VERY shocked to hear some judgement. In particular this judgement was that ‘having no money’ was no excuse to by plastic- This shocked me to my core and I literally felt angry (which never really happens)

So, I’m going to ask you this: Why do YOU care what others do?

In every role in my life I’ve ever had daughter, wife, mother, fitness instructor, friend, business owner NEVER have I ever once criticised someone to then see them do better!

When my journey first started, I was a single mum who worked part time and really struggled to make the bills on time so yes money was 100% a factor in that. IF money isn’t a factor for you and you can afford to buy things without worrying then you are privileged and, in my mind, you should be thankful for that. IF you genuinely have no money then you simply can’t spend it.

IF you have ‘no money’ but you buy the latest I-phone and spend £70 a month on the contract, that’s not the same thing. That’s ‘it’s not my priority’ ……….and that’s your choice!

Either way, the person judging you for that choice, is the person that needs to do some thinking.

We don’t shame people for trying to lose weight, giving up drinking or drugs or for striving for a better job. When did plastic shaming become okay?

In our store we pride ourselves on welcoming everyone and educating them on not just the products we have but the products that are right for them!

Judging people does not help them and the thing is, when you know better, you do better.

Plastic use is so ingrained into our society that it such a habit, we are so unconscious about it that it’s going to take time to adjust.

If you are someone that is judging someone for not making a change because they are struggling financially, why don’t you help them by putting a hand in your deep pockets and buy them an item that will help them and your judgemental ego?

If someone uses boxes in their car instead of buying plastic bags, then well done for not buying the plastic bags!

I understand that the more you buy something, the more the demand for it is created and yes of course in an ideal world we could all buy stainless steel or wood boxes or water bottles….BUT if some one buys a plastic reusable water bottle and it stops 365 single use water bottles a year being bought buy that person, then clap that person! That person may then go on to buy a sturdier version for themselves later!

My personal view is that we need a combined effort from all sorts of areas. We ourselves, each need to consume a little less and think about the items we are bringing into our home, do we really need them or is there another way, can we borrow that item or look at an alternative….. we seem to think that once we dispose of it, it’s someone else’s responsibility. The councils need to think about the way we dispose of items, burning for energy may be great in some ways but the air around us isn’t getting any cleaner! The government need to change their policies and we need an infrastructure that can cope with the demand of our own country. Its an interwoven, multifaceted subject in which we can each do a little bit each day and learn as we go.

We are so completely imperfect and have such different lives that we are never in a position to judge someone else. I would ask that if you are judging someone then you look back at your journey in anything you have changed and ask yourself, did you do your best at the time? When you knew better, did you then continue to learn and try more? And most importantly, how can I help? We don’t need to preach and push our beliefs on other people but we do need to understand them and engage with them so that we can all do better…….ALL, including myself. I am on a journey, still learning and each one of our customers is providing that for us. Share your hints, tips and life hacks… celebrate each other when you each make a new change and perhaps try one you’re not sure of!

Criticism and hateful comments don’t help at all, they just show you for the person that feels better when bringing others down…..

If you love the earth enough to make changes to try to help, then try loving others that same way.


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