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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to 'Life unwrapped' and our world. I hope you find the website easy to use and have a good range of products available. Please let us know any feed back you have as our main aim is to spread this message and be able to serve you guys with all you need :)

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and use this space to share my journey and let you get to know me a little. My Name is Jen, Im a little older than I look (no, im not in my twenty's) I am first and foremost, a mum of one. I am a Personal Trainer and owner of LifeUnwrapped.

I started the store LifeUnwrapped in 2018 in a natural progression of my own journey. In this blog, I will be sharing my own journey, hints and tips and hopefully helping to make your transition a little easier. I'm not a writer and I probably wont read the posts back before I share them, so.....sorry mum, I write as I speak :) ha ha

As I mentioned I am a PT, I have zero intentions of giving that up. Its a huge part of my life and I wake up excited to go to work everyday. Being able to be a part of someones journey to health is everything to me. Some of my clients have had weight-loss surgery, some are recovering from illness/injuries but mostly they are pregnant or just had a baby. I specialise in Pre and Post natal and its a huge honour :)

Helping someone to understand their bodies, movements and how the other factors in their lives affect their health....being part of their progression and growth in confidence and abilities. It's the best feeling in the world. so, why do I run a store? Simple, its a part of my life!

In 2015 my life changed dramatically and I found myself a single mum with very little income and living on a really tight budget. This is how my journey started, it wasnt about the plastic then, it was about food-waste and affordability! I didnt want to buy 3 onions that I wouldnt use, I wanted to buy one single one....So I tried to shop at the local market when I could. It soon became a weekly event. It became about plastic waste when my little one had a school project about the sea and we were talking about our favourite sea animals. We stumbled across a you tube video of some people pulling a straw from a Turtles nose! Turtles happened to be my favourite sea animal and its my ambition to swim with them......I had NO idea how this could happen! Once we had finished my little ones project, we just decided we wouldnt have straws anymore.... I did a little more research and found the #refusethestraw and this was a further catalyst in a behaviour change.

I hit a certain point in my life where I was as plastic free as possible and the things that I was unable to without plastic, I bulk bought. I shared my journey online and talked to friends and family about it. I helped others where I could with alternatives and I continued on my journey.....often joking I would open my own shop! It wasn't the right time, people were commenting and asking my advice and input....but something didn't feel right. The time was off.

Then, it happened- Earth. Food. Love in Totnes, Devon opened. I wanted to move so I could have more of an impact. I realised that I could do more. I joked about opening my own shop but people laughed. I knew, it still wasn't the right time! ...Then more shops opened, more consumers became conscious about things. Locally I met and spoke to more people that were interested in the subject......Fast forward a year, David Attenborough HIT us all in the face with the news I had been waiting for....the spark the public needed to take action. My own fire was ignited and I was full steam set on a mission. In June 2018 my research into locations, suppliers began- a month later my business plan began and We opened the doors to LIFEUNWRAPPED on 31st October 2018. One of the most fulfilling days ever, the sense of achievement and excitement for the future still makes me smile :)

I am obviously missing HUGE details out here and I have no doubt I will fill you in over time. This is just my intro and a way to say hello :) I am looking forward to sharing my journey with you and hopefully hearing your journey to. One of the most amazing things I have found throughout this journey is that plastic consumption is to the planet, what bad health is to our bodies- time consuming, overwhelming, damaging BUT an awakening! To being more conscious, aware and connected. To ourselves. To others. To our contribution.

As with any lifestyle change, its a journey. Life unwrapped isn't a part of my life, it is my life.

I'm excited to share it all with you. For now i've rambled enough so I will sign off and see you soon! :)

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